About us

MaxBio Scientific Inc. (MBS), incorporated in Maryland in 2016, is committed to promoting biotech products and services for small biotechnology and life science companies through our efficient business platform across the America-China border. MBS is primarily partnering with Beijing MaxBio Scientific Ltd Co. to leverage each other's business intelligence and market resources.

Beijing MaxBio Scientific, Co. Ltd. (BMBS), headquartered in Beijing China, has been thrived by making everything they carried to the market a satisfaction for both inventors and customers. BMBS’ functional subsidiaries and strategic partners include:
  1. Sales and marketing Zhong Ji Ke Yi (ZJKY), Beijing;
  2. International trading: Ekeso International Trade Co. Ltd. (EIT), Hongkong; 
  3. Accelerator: Tianjin MaxBio Institute (TMBI) , Tianjin;
  4. Strategic partner one: MaxBio Scientific Inc., USA; 
  5. Strategic partner two: Optima Technology GmbH, Germany. 
 Zhejiang Huode (Hopstem) Bioengineering Co., Ltd. is founded by neuroscience and stem cell scientists from Johns Hopkins University on January 2017 in Hangzhou. Hopstem has world leading advantages in human iPSCs/ESCs neural differentiation, gene editing, cell banking and cell engineering.